Lawyers and Immigration help students to get admission in Summer School and deal with their Immigration Application.

We provide the following services to Students:



1.  Free initial assessment of their application

2. Getting admission in a UK Summer Schools, and

3. Deal with their immigration application

4. General assistance on travel and boarding.  


We understand that students wishing to pursue their Higher Studies abroad find it difficult from where to start. It can be overwhelming not knowing where to start. Going abroad is their careers biggest decision and most of them make this decision without visiting the country or/and university. Travelling for the first time to a new country by yourself after paying for University tuition fees can sometimes be daunting for students.


We help students to travel to the UK before they decide to take an undergraduate or post-graduate course abroad. Our services provide excellent opportunities for students to visit the UK on a short-term to attend Summer School.


This gives exposure to the students about the UK and provides them with an opportunities to attend various universities and to discuss with Career departments teams about their future in the UK.


We believe it is vital for any student to attend the University before they take on full-time course in a new country. We also recommend speaking to the careers department about the course they are interested in and what career opportunities that course will provide if they decide to study the relevant course. 


We understand for students applying to the UK, the admission and immigration application process can be confusing and overwhelming. At this stage, we can help you gain admission in a Summer Schools in the UK and will complete your relevant application for an entry clearance visa to the UK at a nominal fix cost.


  1. Free Assessment of your UK Immigration application


The success of any application depends on how well your immigration service advisor is able to assess your circumstances in order for you to apply for the admission and visa application to the UK.


Before we start applying on your behalf for any sort of application to the UK, we will always assess your application. The assessment includes the following circumstances:


  • Age

  • Current education stage

  • Level of English

  • Financial Circumstances

  • Family background

  • Personal achievements

  • Active memberships

  • Any work experience


Once the assessment is completed, we will inform you whether you qualify for the admission and immigration application or not.


We do an assessment of applications for your benefit. Most of the agents and students apply for student visas without considering these circumstances and either their admission is rejected or their immigration application is refused. If any of these is refused, you will not be able to enter the UK.


We do not want aspiring students to get rejections or refusals. We want our clients to have a clean immigration history which always helps them to apply for any future immigration applications for any country.


We will not apply for your application if we believe that your application is most likely to be refused. This keeps our reputation in place as well as we do not wish to be considered as any other agent who is applying for immigration application without knowing UK Immigration rules or assessing your personal circumstances.


Even if you wish to apply from another immigration service providers, we always recommend you going through the above list for your successful application.



    2. Getting Admission in a Summer School


We will help students in selecting the right course for Summer School which will suit and benefit their careers. We work closely with students and their parents in selecting the right course. We understand that this is an occasional opportunity for students and getting it right is crucial for them.



     3. Dealing with Immigration application


Once we have selected students and admissions have taken place in Summer School, we will apply on your behalf for short-term study visa to the UK. This visa does not require sponsor licence from UK Sponsor and the rules are not stringent as compared to the Tier 4 General Student Visa.


Once you have obtained Short-Term Study visa, it makes your future Tier 4 General student visa application easier and more credible.


We will also prepare a covering letter on your behalf and prepare the visa application file. Students will only reach this stage if they complete our initial two assessments.



     4. Further assistance includes:


  • Help with preparing your personal statement for admission process

  • Help with documents required for admission process

  • Help with documents required to apply for a UK Visa

  • Upon grant of the admission and visa, general advice will be provided on how to travel to the UK including booking a flight ticket, accommodation, food, UK public transport travel tickets, London Underground Tube Map, international SIM card etc.